Wayne F. Jentis, Esq. Testimonials

Thanks a lot Wayne. I really feel like I actually know what is going on with you as my attorney. I can see why all your online reviews were so good. I wish I would have had your services from the beginning! Thanks again.


Excellent Job. You are the best. I feel like the luckiest ex-wife in the world to have retained you as my attorney. Thanks for everything.


I understand the complexities of the situation and I truly appreciate that you have put a great amount of effort in resolving this matter for me. From what I experienced since this matter started, I feel that you possess the highest integrity of a decent professional in the legal field. With your knowledge and experience, I wish that I had known you earlier. I believe that if all professionals in this field would possess the same quality as you, the life of many people will be better.

Thanks for all you have done for me. I will continue to count on your professional help.

Tiejun W.

Simple words cannot express the gratitude that I feel in my heart. Although I moved out of state, you continued to support me and work diligently on my behalf for nearly 2 years. And to think, I randomly picked your name from an internet search. The fact that I’m expressing my thoughts just proves that my selection wasn’t so random after all. My girls and I will forever be indebted to you.


Tahira G.

It may seem overwhelming to you for me to say this, but I want to anyway–there is nothing that I have right at this moment, and nothing that I will have in the future, that I will not owe to you and the absolutely tremendous work that you have done on our behalf. You have to know that what you have done, what you are capable of doing is not something that the average person can ever hope to accomplish. You have a true gift, a rare one at that.

Vicki K.

Most importantly I really want to let you know I am completely satisfied with your services, I feel you went above and beyond each and every opportunity you had, I feel you really cared and you were passionate about my case the entire time. I would recommend you and your law firm to anyone in need of the types of law you practice. What is the most amazing fact of our relationship is and I think shows what an honorable professional you are is………………. 99.9% of everything has been done through, e-mail, fax and fed ex. I am on the other side of the world – it takes more than 24 hours to travel door to door, so once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Warm Regards, Best Wishes,
Michael Q. (Philippines)


Thank you for your representation in my very difficult divorce. I do not think that I would have made it through without the compassion and legal expertise of you and Connie.

Jeffery C.


I want to thank you for your calming manner and excellent legal representation. As you know, getting my children through college is of utmost importance to me. You were able to negotiate a balanced agreement that will ensure their success.

Your experience in the courtroom was essential to the outcome. Especially when you consider that this originally was an Interstate issue with Child Support Services in Connecticut. Your legal briefings and correspondence were the best I have ever read. I used to think I wrote well until reading your writings. Your time in Oxford and Seton Hall Law served you well.

Best regards,
Keith R.


Thanks again for being sensitive and dedicated to my situation. Thanks to you I now have a wonderful and rewarding relationship with my daughter. I’ve attached a recent picture of my daughter and at the beach for you to see how happy we are. Thank you so much.

Warmest regards,
John F

Dear Wayne,
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your help and guidance this past year in my divorce settlement. When things got rough and confusing, you were always there for me. I particularly liked your strategy for being fair and equitable but when it seemed that we were being taken advantage of, you stood firm and acted quickly to protect my rights.

I would not have believed that we could have settled as quickly as we did. One day when we were hitting the wall, I thought we would be forced to continue the negotiating process for several more months, even possibly a year, but you were able to resolve the main issues within weeks, before my opponent could change her mind. It’s also important to note that I believe you handled the case as efficiently as possible, keeping my bill to the minimum.

At times like this, it’s no fun place for anyone, but I must say, if I have to be in this situation again, I wouldn’t want anyone else in my corner but you. Thanks again and I hope in the future we work under happier circumstance.

Much regards,
Karl H

Dear Mr. Jentis,

Thank you once again for bringing my recent legal matter to a successful conclusion.

I deeply appreciate your effort and legal expertise in resolving my claim in an expeditious manner.

In addition, I wish to thank your staff for their excellent efforts on my behalf.

Robert W.

Wayne – Thank You

Thank you for making an unpleasant situation bearable. I appreciate all of your legal advice, and for getting this over so quickly. I can finally put it behind me and move on.

You are a wonderful, ethical attorney & I thank you for that.

Sincerely, Robyn D

Dear Wayne,

Your counsel and representation in this matter has been simply outstanding and certainly worth noting. Thank you.
Jeff C.

Dear Wayne,

You and Stewart gave me a lot of courage and as a result I now enjoy time with my son weekly since my move. You are very special to me for what you have done.

Much respect and admiration, Lynn G.

“Wayne, You are the consumate professional.”

Annie B.

Wayne – Thank you so much for taking care of this major headache for me. Your genius way of attacking problems, and projects, is certainly impressive– each time I see it in action I am amazed and feel so fortunate and blessed to have you in my corner to the extent that you are. How did I get that lucky anyway?

V. K.

Victoria A. Kroger, Esq. Testimonials

My Favorite Attorney

I have had the pleasure of working with Victoria three times, through my divorce, and through two modifications regarding time-sharing and child support. Hands down, there isn’t anyone I would trust more to help me in these hard moments. She is honest and ethical, which are things that are very important to me. She was never afraid to level with me so that I could make the most educated decisions moving forward in my cases. l always felt as though she took all of my circumstances into consideration and treated me as a valued client, not just as a means to a paycheck. I don’t know many people who can say they walk away feeling like they have gained a friend, but that’s exactly how I feel about Victoria. She truly made difficult times more bearable and I am beyond grateful to have had her in my corner. If you are looking for an attorney who is honest, ethical, knows her stuff, and will consider every avenue with you, look no further, Victoria is the right choice!


Great experience!

I would highly recommend Ms.Kroger! She helped me through my divorce, which at times was complicated and took awhile due to the circumstances. She was always willing to answer any questions I had!


Excellent Service

Victoria is a great lawyer. I had a bit of an unusual situation. Not only did she seem to really care about me and my problems, she went the extra mile to get the situation resolved so the divorce could be finalized. I highly recommend her and her staff!


Excellent Service!

Words cannot express how pleased I am with Ms.Kroger! Hired her in March 2022 and it was finalized in October 2022! Due to certain circumstances I was unable to divorce my ex husband but with her guidance and help, it was finally granted! It took six long years but it finally happened! Thank you so much Ms.Kroger for all your help! If I ever need legal assistance within your limitations, I will definitely give you another call!!



When I was first searching for representation for my dissolution of marriage, I had many consultations. Some were good and others were downright terrible. This was not the case when I came to this office. My consultation was thorough and I was given plenty of time to ask all of the questions I had and was given honest answers of what I could expect with my specific situation. My divorce was lengthy (not because of my representation) and Victoria stood by me through it all. I sent her many curve balls which she handled with grace and swiftly made new strategies for my case. She was assessable, knowledgeable and also very kind.



Victoria, who’s steady, confident and calm manner helped to ease much of the stress during my divorce case. She always kept me in the loop and informed on all matters related to my case. Sha was very patient, compassionate and professional at all times. She and the staff at East Coast Law stayed on top of all the deadlines completing all documents in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Victoria to anyone needing help with a divorce or family law case.


Separation, custody rights, and child support

Victoria was a wonderful and amazing. She helped me very much with my case involving a split up between parents and child custody rights as well as child support. Victoria was very professional and least to say a very kind person. You will be in great hands with her!


Great Lawyer

Victoria, worked on my my divorce she was very professional nice and courteous.


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Family law is at the heart of our practice. It is different than any other area of law because it impacts the very core of each individual – their family.


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