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Family Law


Family law is at the heart of my practice. It is different than any other area of law because it impacts the very core of each individual – their family. Whether the family is only two people, includes children, or whether the individuals actually marry or not, a person’s family is the center of their individual world. I understand that when difficulties arise in the family, an individual’s personal world is in an upheaval. It is my first goal to bring peace.

I strive to minimize conflict among family members during any difficult and emotional time while protecting the rights of my client through zealous advocacy. Preventing future conflict is as much of my focus as repairing any damage done, but most of my clients come with a desperate need for peace, which I do everything possible to provide as immediately as possible.

What distinguishes my practice is the degree of skill and compassion I bring to each case. I carefully evaluate the circumstances of each case, accepting only a limited number of new cases so that I can personally attend to every aspect of each matter. I truly enjoy helping my clients do what is best for them, and I take the time necessary to comprehensively educate my clients as to both the legal and emotional ramifications upon themselves and upon the ones they love, of any actions considered. This way, each client can weigh the available options and direct our course of action and overall strategy accordingly.

I am a skilled litigator, very adept at handling contentious cases, but I also know from experience that the personal nature of family law often calls for an amicable settlement. I am extensively trained and experienced in negotiation & mediation and am dedicated to providing my clients with the best possible advice. I am well respected by area Judges and by my peers and have worked on both sides of the courtroom doors.

Whether your goal is to get through the process as fast as possible, as painlessly as possible, or simply as cost-efficiently as possible, you can be sure that if I accept your case for representation, you will have a zealous advocate on your side that you can count on unequivocally.

My experience encompasses all aspects of local and multi-state family law, including:
• Divorce
• Domestic Violence Restraining Orders and related Criminal Law
• Child Support and Alimony Issues
• Modification of child support and spousal support
• Custody and Relocation
• Parenting Time / Visitation
• Property Division / Equitable Distribution
• Enforcement issues
• Settlement agreements

as well as:
• adoptions
• bankruptcy
• arbitration and mediation
• appellate matters
• domestic partnership
• specific gay & lesbian legal needs
• cohabitation agreements
• wills, trusts, living wills, medical directives

Long Distance Parenting Time/Visitation


When parents live in different states, especially when separated by a long distance, it is critical that both parents attempt to support the child’s relationship with both parents. Frequent contact by telephone, email, and instant text messaging via cell phone can help the non-custodial parent be more a part of the child’s daily life. Adding visual contact with video conferencing and exchanging digital pictures and videos can be even more helpful to further this goal. Parents who do not have access to a computer at home may go to public libraries, which may provide access to the Internet.

Even with young children, these connections may help foster and maintain close relationships. Sending the non-custodial parent videos of physical developments and events may help him or her keep up with the child. Similarly, sending a video or digital recording to the child that is of the non-custodial parent reading a book (to the child) may help the child feel closer to a physically distant parent.

For school-aged children, parents and their children (even those far away) may enjoy some day-to-day activities, such as watching a television show or a sporting event together, by planning in advance. The parent and child can talk about the show or the sport by phone during the event or even afterward. Even sharing the experience of gazing at the moon or stars while talking on the phone, instant messaging, or texting may be a special tradition for the parent and child. It is rewarding for parent and child alike to be creative in finding ways to share time and communication with each other and as the child becomes older, it is helpful to find ways to share activities the child is already doing than trying to add new activities to what may already be a fairly full schedule for the child.

Encouraging a child to plan for and anticipate in-person parenting time helps the child feel more in control of his or her schedule and may help the child to more fully enjoy the in-person time with a non-custodial parent. Each parent should assist the child in finding a means of communicating with the long distance parent that they can look forward or at the very least happy to share. Neither parent should treat communicating with the other parent as something they have to do but rather something they should want to do to share and express what is important in their own life.

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