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Criminal Defense

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If you have been charged with any type of violation, from as little as a town ordinance violation to a major felony charge, you need the representation of a lawyer who is experienced in handling criminal law matters.

Wayne F. Jentis, Esq. has defended a wide array of clients with an even wider array of criminal offense charges, in multiple states.  He has represented both juveniles and adults and has also worked on both sides of the courtroom door as a prior law clerk to two juvenile criminal law judges.  He has worked with judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys and clients alike, and thus has a unique perspective and knowledge regarding the goals and needs of each of the players in a criminal case.

Wayne F. Jentis, Esq. is able to draw upon his varied experience to help clients with even the most unique of circumstances and/or charges.  First and foremost when charged with any offense an individual needs to know his rights, to know whether any rights were violated, and how to mount a successful defense to those charges.  As an attorney familiar with criminal law and with access to any of the latest changes or nuances as they occur in the present state of law, Mr. Jentis is adept at evaluating the specific facts of each case and recommending a course of action.  Whether your case requires simple fact finding and disclosure procedures or complex trial litigation skills, or even if the situation would be better served by effective plea bargain negotiations,  Wayne F. Jentis, Esq. can be an invaluable person to have on your side to help you successfully navigate and negotiate through the criminal justice system.

And consistent with other areas of the law in which Mr. Jentis represents clients, Mr. Jentis will always explain in simple terms the area of law a client finds himself in and what the possible ramifications of any charged offense can be.  Then various options will be presented so that the client, with proper guidance, can make well-informed  decisions and participate in his own defense appropriately.  And within the explanation of options, a client will also be given information on resources, both financially and emotionally that can be expected to coincide with each of the possible courses of action he can choose from.  While education and and advice is a vital component to the representation, as much as is possible in each individual case, the client will be made to feel he has he is a part of his own defense and to know he has a caring attorney working on his behalf and at his side.   Your attorney will be at your side through all Court proceedings and hearings and as necessary will thoroughly investigate your case, speak with relevant witnesses, pursue available discovery, and formulate a strategy of defense for you.  Wayne F. Jentis, Esq. will always advise you of your options and work with you to achieve a just resolution of the situation you are facing using the most effective means at his disposal.

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